What is a SAP Note / Snote? | Neutrace.com

 In this Post we will talk about what is a SAP note.

Suppose there is a organization A. It is founds a bug in the SAP software. Then that organization reports that to SAP.

Now what SAP does is, it fixes that bug by making necessary configuration and code changes in the SAP software. And now SAP creates a note for it and provides the note number created for it to the organization A, which reported that bug.

Organization A will go to the Tcode / Transaction code SNOTE and put that snote number and click on "Download Note". There will be an option to apply that note.

Next, suppose Organization B also finds that bug. Then the organization B reports that to SAP. Now, SAP will just provide the same note number, which will fix that bug. 

 Now, if anyone reports that same bug it will be fixed in similar way as for organization B. Until that snote becomes a part of SAP Support pack or SAP's new release, which are separate topics altogether that we will discussion in next posts. 

Also, SAP will publish that snote along with its documentation on the SAP's support portal.

Snote comes in many forms

1. Direct download and apply.

2. Download the document and follow the steps to do some configuration.

3. Mix of above 2 points

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